COVID Information


As the government is scrapping its Plan B Covid regulations this week it seems appropriate to review the situation as it affects the Hall.

Consequently, we will be fully reopening this week in line with the government’s changes.  The Dampier Room will be available for booking and the stage area may be used when booking the Main Hall.

There are no legal restrictions applicable to users of the Hall but we would continue to ask for good sense to be used and for the following strong recommendations to be adhered to;

1. Wear a mask when moving around the Hall.

2. Use the sanitiser provided to keep hands clean.

3 .Ensure that as much ventilation as possible and practicable is used to prevent the spread of disease.

4. Maintain social distancing as much as possible.

5. Wipe down surfaces such as door and window handles and light switches with the wipes provided.

6. Wipe down all tables and chairs used.

7. Complete the cleaning schedule please.

With your continued cooperation we will be able to ensure the health and safety of users of the Hall and keep the Hall open for the enjoyment of all.

John Hollis

Chairman – East Coker Village Hall Management Committee


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